Y’OUR Personalized Skin Care | REVIEW

Disclosure : I was gifted with Y’OUR Personalized Skincare to provide my review. All thoughts and opinions are own. This post is NOT sponsored.

Disclosure: I was gifted with Y’OUR Personalized Skincare to provide my review. All thoughts and opinions are own. This post is NOT sponsored.

For as long as I can remember, my mom has always told me to take care of my skin. Now that I am a mom myself, in my late 20s, it is more important than ever for me to have a skin care routine. I thought that this process would be extremely difficult now that I am doing my best to live a non-toxic lifestyle and only using clean beauty, but then I came across your personalized skin care! Y’OUR Personalized Skincare is a skin care system that is custom to your unique skin needs. They take into consideration your age, skin type, living environment, stress, and other factors such as being pregnant and use artificial intelligence to identify the best skin care regimen just for you. What I love about their brand is that they use clean ingredients, their products are free of parabens and toxin-free, vegan and cruelty free, and personalized based on your needs. 


A few months ago I went to their website and took their online skin quiz.

 My skin concerns were wrinkles, dark spots, redness, and pores. I entered my skin type which is combination and entered factors such as the environment which currently is humid and stressful. I was also able to add the fact that I was pregnant at the time so they used ingredients that were safe to use for pregnancy! Based off of my quiz, the ingredients that they would add to my regimen included: rosehip oil for brightening, brown algae for anti-aging, glycolic for pore-clearing, seaweed for anti-redness, chamomile for balancing, and jojoba oil for brightening. I am so glad that I was gifted a custom skin care regimen by Y’OUR to test out! 

I was gifted a three month full sized products. I have been using their products for about two weeks now. I used it during the last week of my pregnancy and the first week after giving birth (and still today).  There are four steps to every Y’OUR Personalized Skincare custom line.

STEP ONE: Cleanser

My cleanser unclog pores and helps smooth my complexion. It is great for my combination skin! 

STEP TWO: Day Cream

The day cream comes with a sunscreen SPF of 30 which helps protect my skin from sun damage and prevents dark spots and uneven skin tone. 


This custom serum is probably my favorite of the regimen. It is extremely light and is filled with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients which is wonderful for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and preventing future signs of aging! It also has anti-inflammatory benefits to calm redness I get from having sensitive skin. 

STEP FOUR: Night Cream

I love this night cream because it has nourishing properties to bring moisture and to stimulate cell growth which helps rejuvenate my skin throughout the night. The night cream is infused with vitamins and antioxidants that boost collagen production and also helps reduce signs of aging and brightens hyper-pigmentation. 


  • Convenience! Hello! Why go to a salon or store to find out what products would work perfectly just for you when can take the Y’OUR online skin quiz and have it custom made for you?! AND — no need to leave your house because they ship directly to you.

  • #CLEANBEAUTY - Non-toxic products with ingredients you can actually pronounce and NOT listed with ingredients that could be linked to harmful health effects.

  • Custom made JUST FOR ME (and YOU)! Everyone is unique. And just as you are unique, so is your skin. Everyone has different skin concerns, so why use the same products as someone who might have different skin issues?

  • Y’OUR has a satisfaction guarantee policy that allows up to 2 reformulations during the first 3 months to make sure you’re completely satisfied.


Please note, I do not receive any sort of payment or commission with use of my link.